Cannot install Pharos Uniprint: Unable to open a connection to SQL Server.  Check that your SQL Server service is started.  The Pharos Database cannot be installed with the current settings.

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 7, 2013

I am getting an error when attempting to connect to the Pharos database server when installing Uniprint


ERROR: Cannot connect to <server>. Login failed for user 'sa' when logging into SQL Server using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.


Uniprint must be installed on a SQL Server that is configured for 'mixed mode' access. This allows both Windows domain users and SQL logins to access the database.

To resolve, log into the SQL Server as the administrative Microsoft domain account credential and:


1. Right-click the server name.
2. Choose Properties (at the bottom of the shortcut list).
3. Click the Security option.
4. Select "SQL Server and Windows Authentication" under "Server authentication." Click OK.


5. Restart the SQL Server service as directed by Management Studio.