Blueprint WCF Secure Communication service fails health status check during initial install

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 7, 2013

During an intial install of the Blueprint 5.0 Collector Server, the WCF Secure Communication service may fail its health status check.  In the Blueprint Server Configuration tool, the Enterprise Service Tester displays the error message:

Unable to update the server health status for the local server.  Please ensure the Pharos Systems TaskMaster service is running and that the parent server can be contacted.

Please see the screenshot below for an example:

Blueprint WCF Secure Communications test failure


The WCF Secure Communication service fails during an intial install of the Collector Server when the Analyst Server is running Blueprint 5.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2), but the Collector Server is not.

Technical Details

Blueprint 5.0 SP2 uses 1024-bit certificates, while prior versions use 512-bit certificates.  The Collector Server and Analyst Server are unable to establish an SSL connection due to the mismatched security configurations.  Blueprint 5.0 SP2 transitioned to 1024-bit certificates in response to the minimum certificate key length set by Microsoft Security Advisory 2661254 and NIST special publication 800-131A.


Apply SP2 to the Collector Server, then re-run the Enterprise Service Tester from the Blueprint Server Configuration tool.  The WCF Secure Communication service should pass now.