Blackboard Transactions are failing with "Transaction failed - unknown error (#244) or (#224)" being seen in the BbTia gateway Log.

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 7, 2013

Blackboard transactions are failing with "Transaction failed - unknown error (#244) or (#224)" in the Blackboard Gateway log file however print jobs may still print but not get charged.


"Transaction failed - unknown error (#244)" or (#224)


When trying to release a print job at a Pharos Station or Terminal Device you may recieve this error message when trying to "Print" the job. When you click on the "OK" button in the error message, the job does in fact prints, however, the document is not removed from the print job queue and no money is deducted from the user's account.


Pharos Alert:
Failed to repay offline transaction for LogonID, "", with card ID,";1234567899?" for amount, "-0.5", on, "2009/03/23-11:48:48", because:"Transaction failed. Unknown Error(Code = 244)


IpBiller Log file (snippet):
[01/Apr/09 13:51:06:796 P1912 T6640C00001 d] Number of items in contents:5
[01/Apr/09 13:51:06:812 P1912 T6640C00001 d] Version number: 2
[01/Apr/09 13:51:06:812 P1912 T6640C00001 d] Message type: 1
[01/Apr/09 13:51:06:812 P1912 T6640C00001 d] Sequence Number: 36542
[01/Apr/09 13:51:06:812 P1912 T6640C00001 d] Response code: 244
[01/Apr/09 13:51:06:812 P1912 T6640C00001 d] Display text: Undefined Error
[01/Apr/09 13:51:06:812 P1912 T6640C00001 d] Transaction failed. Unknown Error(Code = 244).
[01/Apr/09 13:51:06:812 P1912 T6640C00001 i] Reply IP Biller:CMD_FAIL[#28]Transaction failed. Unknown Error(Code = 244). To solve this problem the customer will have to contact Blackboard Technical Support.


A Blackboard "Tender" issue causing an unknown error code to be be returned from the gateway. The "Printing Tender" was re-created on the Blackboard side of the system and this resolved the issue.


This is not an error returned by Pharos but by Blackboard so consultation with Blackboard on this error will be needed.