When the user tries to logon using the Omega device for a print/copy job, the Omega device displays the following error message. "No Pharos Print Server configured in Registry. Please contact Pharos support."

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 5, 2013

Users might get this error message when:

  • The EDI was installed on the server without a Pharos Print Server present AND
  • A charging model was set so that the user can select a cost center from the Omega device


  • If the user installed a Print server on the same machine as a EDI server,

set the following registry key to "Uniprint" using regedit.exe


  • If the user installed a Print server on a different machine,

1. Install the EDI server again and select the corresponding Print server during installation.

2. Change the Omega device setting to use new EDI server.

(Go to the Omega device setup -> edit pedi.ini -> edit url to new EDI server)