When running the Blueprint Server Configuration tests the testing tool fails the Blueprint Tracker Service test with an error message similar to " utf/html was returned and utf/xml was expected"

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 5, 2013

This error message is returned when another application is installed with the Blueprint Services e.g. sharepoint, WSUS service. Some services cannot co-exsist with each other. However one quick method to determine if this is the case is to remove the following file from the root of the www service


By temporarily removing or renaming this object and restarting IIS you can rerun the Blueprint tests to determine if the other application is the cause of the problem.

Typically another application sharing the IIS default website may introduce security and application settings at the root level. This stops the default website from correctly displaying the Pharos web services. In this case xml pages that are used by the Pharos Tracker Service are displayed as HTML rather than XML.