When you swipe your magnetic card at the Pharos Release Station you receive the following error message:


"Pharos Station  is not supported by the gateway."


How do you resolve this error?
The error is caused by not having this Pharos Station set up in the Pharos Gateway application.


You have added the Pharos Station to the Pharos Database using the Pharos Administrator but you haven't added the Pharos Station to the Pharos Gateway application.


The next step is to locate the Gateway configuration program (Pharos Blackboard TIA Configuration, CBORD, Diebold) in the programs menu and add the station name to the Pharos Station name list.


Screen shots of the various gateways have been added to this knowledge base article for reference and the location to add this station. After adding the Pharos Station you should stop and start the Pharos Gateway service.