How to change Mac installation .dmg packages to default to duplex printing

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 5, 2013

There is a way, but it's driver dependent.  You can change it by opening the .ppd file from the .dmg.  This builds on the answer

Automatic Popup and Printer Queue Configuration for Mac OS X

Once that package has been built, you would change the .ppd file, as long as the option is there inside the driver, to accomodate duplex printing by default.



Here's an excerpt from


Printing On Both Sides of the Paper


The -o sides=two-sided-short-edge and -o sides=two-sided-long-edge options will enable duplexing on the printer, if the printer supports it. The -o sides=two-sided-short-edge option is suitable for landscape pages, while the -o sides=two-sided-long-edge option is suitable for portrait pages:


lp -o sides=two-sided-short-edge filename ENTER
lp -o sides=two-sided-long-edge filename ENTER
lpr -o sides=two-sided-long-edge filename ENTER
The default is to print single-sided:


lp -o sides=one-sided filename ENTER
lpr -o sides=one-sided filename ENTER