How do I upgrade server components (Collector/Analyst) to Blueprint Enterprise 4.2?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 5, 2013

Note: The upgrade of a Blueprint server (Collector/Analyst) cannot be rolled back. As a precaution, certain resources should be backed up before upgrading. This enables a manual upgrade if the upgrade fails for any reason.

Starting the Upgrade

Blueprint server components are upgraded using the main installer. To begin an upgrade, select Install Pharos Blueprint from the main splash screen (you can open the main splash screen by running autorun.exe on the CD). When the installer detects the presence of out-of-date Blueprint components, it will automatically switch to the upgrader.

The upgrader uses a subset of the main installer screens to gather new configuration settings and confirm existing ones before upgrading.

Please refer to the “Blueprint Installation Guide” available on the Blueprint CD image for more information about the installer screens.

Note: If the upgrade fails for any reason, do not attempt to uninstall the failed component. In the case of a failed upgrade, Pharos Support should always be contacted before any further steps are taken.

After the Upgrade

In Blueprint 4.2, the Collector no longer requires Microsoft SQL Server. After a Collector upgrade, SQL Server and the Blueprint database are left behind. You can uninstall Microsoft SQL Server from all Collector servers after completing a successful upgrade to Blueprint 4.2. (Note that SQL Server is still required for the Analyst.) It is also safe to delete the Blueprint database after a successful upgrade.

The Analyst and Collector no longer require an FTP service for file transfers. You can uninstall the FTP service from all Blueprint servers after completing the full upgrade to Blueprint 4.2.