How do I setup a Boscop Autoloader?

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The following article contains setup instructions and user manuals for the Boscop Autoloader (networked).


The Boscop Autoloader currently connects to Pharos Uniprint via the NTSmaster.dll system embedded in the Pharos Print Server. This NTSmaster.dll was embedded in the Pharos Print server from version 6.1 on and can be used to talk to network terminals and autoloaders provided by Boscop.


All Boscop units have two modes of operation

  • Bootp - automatically assigned an IP by the Pharos Print Server
  • Static IP - assigned manually

The units are normally configured with a static IP however they can be configured to use bootp as well. To configure bootp or static IP on a Autoloader or Terminal you should swipe the Parameters card which will allow you to select either of these options.

Note: If you are using bootp the Uniprint Server is resposible for sending the unit the IP address via Bootp. Until you setup the unit correctly in Uniprint the unit will not be avaliable on the network. Bootp may not be routed between subnets. In this case you can install the bootp relay agent included on the CD.

Uniprint Setup

Uniprint by default ships with a terminal type called "VCC Terminal". You should insert a new network terminal into the Pharos Administrator\Pharos Stations\Network Terminals context. You can give the terminal any name however you will be asked for the MAC address of the Autoloader which is displayed on the autoloader at boot time.

Once you have entered the MAC address you are asked for an IP Address, this should be the IP Address that bootp will assign. To confirm the changes after installing the terminal complete the process by performing a change control.

If the Autoloader is configured corrrectly it will recieve the IP Address and the display will now ready the default "Please log in" message.

Supporting Documents

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