How do I manually remove 8.x popups ?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 5, 2013

These steps must be carried out in the order described below:


1.  Stop the Pharos Systems ComTaskMaster service.
2.  Check task manager for an executable called popnet.exe (if it is running stop it)
3.  Run the profiler manual uninstall as follows:
     a.  Go to Program Files\PharosSystems\Core. If the folder doesn’t exist, create it.
     b.  Check for a file called CTskMstr.exe. If the file is not there, copy in the one attached (to above location)
     c.  Open a command prompt in that location and type: CTskMstr.exe -unregserver
4.  Delete folders:
     a.  Ensure the command prompt window (used for 3c) is closed.
     b.  Go to Program Files\Pharos. If it exists, delete the folder (and contents).
     c.  Go to Program Files\PharosSystems. Delete the folder (and contents).
     d.  Check for the following registry keys. (if they exist delete them)

     e.  Delete the Pharos popup printer queue in Printer and faxes (if exists)
5.  Restart the Print Spooler service in Services.


The PC should now be back to the state it was before the Popup Client was installed. and should now be able to install a new package.