Full installation and configuration information can be found in the document "Pharos Omega - Installation and Configuration". This document is included with Omega firmware releases, in the docs folder (the document's file name is PharosOmega.pdf). The Installation and Configuration manual is a detailed document that includes step-by-step instructions for setting up an Omega system, details on all configuration options and a description of the Omega SmartPAD user interface.


Firmware releases can be downloaded from http://www.pharos.com/support/index.html


Information on the configuration options available for Omega terminals in Pharos Administrator is also included in the Pharos Help (search for "Omega").


Note: Because Omega firmware updates are released more frequently than the Pharos Solution Suite, it is possible that the information in the Pharos Help may not be fully up-to-date. (The information on these properties in the Installation and Configuration manual will always be up-to-date.)