When installing the Blueprint 3.2 Collector option I receive the following error message: Error 1001 Unable to create an instance of the PharosSystems.Core.Project installer type à Exception has been throw by the target of an invocation à security error.

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 2, 2013

This error will appear when permissions tighter than the default ActiveX DLL security permissions are applied to the .NET framework. These can be adjusted in Internet Explorer or the .NET framework configuration screen in:

Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Configuration.

To adjust these settings:

1. Open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Configuration
2. Click on Configure Code Access Security Policy
3. Click on Adjust Zone Security
4. Click on Make changes to this computer
5. Select My Computer and set the level to Full Trust
6. Click Next and Finish
7. Restart the Pharos Blueprint Installation

Note: you may need to remove the created c:\program files\pharosblueprint directory that was created during the failed installation.