When a Mac client submits a print job, the print job doesn't print out or arrive at the Print Station.Pharos Administrator shows Alert 29078, "Print Job cancelled because unable to send cost information to user."

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 2, 2013

This can occur when Informed Print is being used, but the Mac system does not have Pharos Notify installed, and/or communication from the server to the client Mac is not open on port 28201.

One can verify Pharos Notify is installed by going to /Library/Application Support/Pharos/ and looking for Notify.  You can further verify that it's running by opening the Activity Monitor under /Applications/Utilities and looking for "Notify".  Please note "notify" without the capital N is an Apple process, and not the Pharos software.

To verify the server is able to communicate to the Mac over port 28201, you may run a telnet test on the server using a Command Prompt:

C:/> telnet MacClientIPAddress 28201

Substitue "MacClientIPAddress" with the IP address the Mac is using.  If you get anything other than a failure message return from the server in that command prompt, you've likely established a good connection to the Mac over port 28201, and in this case, port blocking is likely not the reason for the Notify failure.