What features have been removed in Uniprint 8.0?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 2, 2013

As of Pharos 8.0, the PrintOp feature has been discontinued. In an upgrade to Pharos 8.0 or later, all PrintOp Stations and PrintOp transactions will be removed from the system. The PrintOp Stations context no longer appears in Pharos Administrator.

As of Pharos 8.0, Standard Charging is no longer available; all Spool Queues must use a Job Cost Method. In an upgrade to Pharos 8.0 or later, Job Cost Methods that duplicate the Standard Charging settings configured for each Spool Queue are created and associated with each queue.

As of Pharos 8.0, BEAR PODs are no longer supported as Copy Control Devices, meaning that Pharos Stations can no longer function as Copy Stations. During an upgrade, any copiers associated with Pharos Stations will be disassociated and the Copy option for the Pharos Station will be removed. Network terminals will need to be added following an upgrade and the copier associated with the new network terminal before it can be used.

As of Pharos 8.0, the Message of the Day feature has been removed.