What are the new features in Blueprint Enterprise 4.2?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 2, 2013

Re-Designed Secure Release Here

  • Increased performance: 4x previous versions
  • Easier deployment
    • SQL Server not required for Collector
    • FTP service not required

  • Simplified configuration
    • Reduced number of Secure Release Here concepts
    • Easy to create terminal (e.g. device not required)
    • Queues are secured real-time on the print server
    • Print jobs are sent from the print server controliing the target device
    • Terminals can manage their own schema version

  • Enhanced robustness and availability
    • Workstation Release: the new Workstation Release user interface is installed with the Workstation Tracker. By default, it allows users to delete their secure jobs from their workstation. When Workstation Release is enabled (e.g. the authentication system is having issues), users can also release their secure jobs from their workstation.
    • New event logging system

Changes to Policy Print

  • True application-based trigger condition: allows you to create rules within your print policies that are based on the application that submitted the print job (e.g., outlook.exe).
  • User interface now uses Silverlight version 3
  • Report group name changed from “Policy Print” to “Secure Release Here & Policy Print”