Users successfully log on to a terminal, but the terminal fails to display some or all of the print jobs they were wanting to release.

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 2, 2013

Possible causes of this problem are:

  • An error at the employee’s workstation may have meant that the job was not submitted. The employee may click Print, then immediately walk to the printer to release their job, not noticing that a printing error has occurred, or a window has popped up that they need to OK before the job is submitted.
  • The employee may have mistakenly printed their job to a non-secure queue on the device, meaning the job would have already printed (but they might not notice, since they are expecting to have to release it first). Check whether or not printing to the device is optional, and if so whether or not the queue the employee printed to is secure.
  • If the employee has printed to a Print Group, it may be that the device they are trying to release their job at is not a member of the correct group. Check Print Groups in Blueprint Administrator to make sure that the device that the employee has logged on to is a member of the group that they printed to.
  • If configuration changes that affect the Secure Release Here system have been made recently, they may not have been replicated to the relevant Collectors yet, which could cause problems. You can force Collectors to update their cached information by clicking the Clear Cached Data button on the Server Health screen in Blueprint Administrator.
  • Server communication issues may mean that the list of the employee’s print jobs cannot be retrieved. This can happen if the server that the employee printed to is not contactable, or if the server the printed to cannot contact the Analyst. Check network connectivity to make sure that all servers are online.