The SignUp Client generates error messages that include: "The conflict occurred in database 'pharos', table 'computer_transactions'"

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Such errors occur because of Signup Clients that are trying to send transaction data that does not match the current database configuration. Note, it's also possible that there is more than one SignUp Client.

Possible reasons for the SignUp client sending invalid data are:

1.  The SignUp client doesn’t match the version of the SignUp Server.
2.  When the SignUp client was upgraded, it had old transaction records that it still needed to upload to the SignUp server.  When the client was upgraded, the old records where not upgraded.
3.  A record in the SignUp client’s transaction log has been corrupted.


The first step will be to track down the client that is sending the invalid reservations. The easiest way to do this is to use SQL Profiler to log the computer_session_insert calls made to the SQL Server. Wait until the error occurs again and then examine the SQL profiler log for the offending call (or send it to Pharos). You can check when the error occurs by checking the Alerts, or it may be possible to identify the client directly from SQL profiler.

(You might like to check the Computers context in Administrator (SignUp > Branches > [Branch Name] > Computers to see if any computers have a version number that isn't the latest one.)


1. The frequency of this error in the alerts should indicate roughly how long you will need to wait for it to re-occur.
2. The alert should be logged within a couple of seconds of the faulty computer_session_insert call, so knowing the time the alert is logged at will greatly assist in finding the offending computer_session_insert call in the Profiler's log.
3. As we're only interested in computer_session_insert calls in the Profiler log, we can set the profiler to filter out all calls but these. To do this, when setting up the trace properties, click on the "Filters" tab, open "Text Data" item on the tree, then "Like" under "TextData", then supply the text "%computer_session_insert%" (DON'T include the quotes, but do include the percents.)

Once the PC has been located, the next step will be to check the SignUp Client installed. If it's an older version, then uninstalling it and reinstalling in the new client will resolve the problem.

However, if the client IS up to date, then all that is required is to delete the file holding the transaction data the client is trying to upload.

If it's not an older version, then Pharos would like copies of the SignUp Client's config & session history files, so that we can determine what has gone wrong. These files can be found in the directory given by the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Pharos\SignUp Client\ConfigFileDir

The specific files are as follows:


For the Mac SignUp client the config and session files are stored in the following locations:




Additional information:

KBase article 1051 - The conflict occurred in database 'pharos', table 'transactions', column 'qty'