When you should use the Change Control button in the Pharos Administrator to initiate a change or system update.

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 2, 2013

Clicking the Change Control button propagates information from the Database to all Pharos services. A Change Control is only required if you change some of the information that is cached at servers.

You should use the Change Control button after you:

  • Update a Bank
  • Update a Logon DLL
  • Update Print Server settings
  • Update Spool Queue or Printer settings
  • Update Job Cost Methods
  • Update Copier settings
  • Update Terminal settings (where you are using PS20 devices, you also need to stop and start the Monitor Translator)
  • Update a Pharos Remote Layout
  • Update a Pharos Station
  • Update Pharos Popup Questions
  • Update any SignUp Global Parameters
  • Update any SignUp Branch Settings
  • Change Access Times
  • Change Prompts
  • Change Server Properties
  • Update Scripts

You do not need to use the change control button when you:

  • Update User information
  • Update User Group information
  • Update Discount Rates
  • View Transactions
  • Update Packages
  • Add a Message of the Day
  • View Alerts
  • Set up an Export Profile
  • Open a Support Incident
  • View License Limits
  • View Server properties

Please note there are situations (such as updating a script) where a service may behave inconsistently until a change control is issued.