Mac Popup Error "Failed to contact the Popup Server."

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 2, 2013

After installing the Mac components you receive the following error message:

Failed to contact the Popup Server

The print job has been aborted because Pharos Popup failed to contact the Popup Server.
If this problem persists, please notify your system administrator.

See attached screen shot.

This error will appear if any of the following issues are present.

Mac Firewall Enabled

If the client workstation firewall is enabled you must disable it or add a port exception. The port used is 28203.

Spaces in the Spool Queue Name

If the Pharos Spool Queue Name has a space in it e.g. "BW Queue" when entering this into the popop:// URI you will need to escape the spaces for the popup to function. "BW Queue" would become "BW%20Queue"

Network Issue

The Mac is not capable of connecting to the server by name. To confirm this you should ping the server via a terminal window on the Mac client and confirm you can ping the server by name. If not you can use the IP address of the server in the popup:// URI. This workaround will function correctly with 7.0 and above. Pharos 6.1 requires the complete server name to function.

Incorrect Queue Name

If the Spool Queue name has changed and/or a change control has not been completed you will receive the error. Check the Pharos Administrator --> System --> Alerts for messages from Mac clients. To resolve this create a new printer on the Mac with the correct Spool Queue Name or rename the Spool Queue on the server to match the client and perform a change control.