I get the following error when I install Blueprint 4.2 on a Spanish server : Assembly Install Error, 'PharosSystems.Blueprint.SecureRelease.JobService.exe' failed. What do I do now?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 2, 2013

Check the attached Sequence.log and screen shot to verify the error. This is a known issue in Blueprint 4.2. Below follows two workarounds. Blueprint 5.0 and later accommodate the Spanish language name of the Spooler service in the installation code.

Workaround #1. Rename the Spooler service.

1. Launch Windows Registry Editor (regedit.exe) as an Administrator.
2. Open HKEY_Local_Machine > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Services.
3. Locate Spooler and select it.
4. Double-click the "DisplayName" value to open/edit it.
5. Change "Cola de impresion" to "Print Spooler" (no quotes).
6. Click "OK" to accept and close out of Registry Editor.
7. Reboot the server to apply the change.
8. Install the Blueprint 4.2 server software.

Workaround #2. Install and use the English language pack. Use this workaround if Workaround #1, above, does not resolve the issue. Windows 2003 Server does not have a downloadable Language Pack, only Service Packs for the Language Pack. The core Language Pack must be purchased from a Microsoft reseller.

1.Install the Microsoft English Language pack. Windows Server 2008 R2 Multilingual User Interface Language Packs
2.Create a local user account on the PC and make member of the Admin on PC.
3.Log in as the new user.
4.Go to Regional and Language options -> Keyboards and Languages tab
5.Select English (Ingles) from list. Click Apply.  Agree to logout.
6.Log in again (as the new user)
7.Go to Regional and Language options -> Administrative tab.
8.Click on the “Copy Settings” button
9.Check the “Welcome screen and system accounts” check box.  Click OK
10.Click “Restart Now”
11.Login with new account, and do install.
12.Logout, and log in with normal account, UI will be in Spanish.  (Don’t need to use the new user again.)