How do I upgrade Secure Release Here to Blueprint Enterprise 4.2?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 2, 2013

Upgrading Secure Release Here

Special upgrade steps are performed when upgrading previous versions of Secure Release Here (Blueprint Enterprise 3.5 SP1/R2, 4.1) to Blueprint Enterprise 4.2. The Secure Release Here queues and configuration are upgraded by the Blueprint Server Configuration Tool after the main server upgrade has completed.

As always, the Analyst should be upgraded before attempting to upgrade any Collectors if present. A special upgrade data file is generated during the Analyst upgrade which is needed during the Collector upgrades.

The sections below document what happens when the Apply button is clicked on the Blueprint Server Configuration Tool that runs immediately after the completion of the main server upgrade.


An upgrade data file is produced which contains information required to upgrade the secure queues on every server being used for Secure Release Here. This file is in CSV format and is a simple mapping between the names of the secure print queues on each server and the print group to assign to each queue (in Blueprint Enterprise 4.2 a secure print queue must be associated with a single print group).

The following rules are applied during the Analyst upgrade for all queues on all servers:

  • Virtual queues retain the print group they had prior to the upgrade.
  • Non-virtual secure queues are assigned the print group that their connected device belongs to. If the device belongs to multiple print groups, then the group with the most devices is chosen. In this case the user is informed that they should review the configuration changes applied.
  • If no print group can be determined then a new one is created and assigned.

The Blueprint Server Configuration Tool will show a message box explaining what actions have been taken and where the upgrade data file can be found. The upgrade data file is called SecureReleaseUpgradeData.csv and is created in the Blueprint application data directory PharosSystems\Blueprint\SecureRelease.

  1. Please review the upgrade data file to ensure the contents are as expected:
  2. Check that there are entries for each server that hosts secure queues.
  3. Check that all secure queues are listed.
  4. Check that each secure queue has the expected print group assigned.
  5. Review any assignment which is marked as ‘true’ in the RequiresReview column.These indicate that a choice had to be made between multiple print groups, and that the print group with the most devices in it was chosen.

The contents of the file can be altered as needed prior to Collector servers being upgraded. In most cases this should not be necessary.


The upgrade data file produced at the Analyst is required at the Collector for Secure Release Here to be upgraded successfully. There are two ways in which this file can be provided:

  1. By placing it in the application data directory PharosSystems\Blueprint\SecureRelease prior to clicking the Apply button on the Blueprint Server Configuration Tool.
  2. The Blueprint Server Configuration Tool will prompt to browse for the file which can be stored anywhere, such as a network share, a USB stick, etc.

The Blueprint Server Configuration Tool will then upgrade all secure queues and stored jobs on the Collector. A message box explaining what actions have been taken will be shown at the conclusion of the upgrade.

Secure Queue Upgrade

The Blueprint Secure Queue Configuration Tool should be run to inspect the changes that have been made to the secure queues. This tool can also be used to change a secure queue’s assigned print group, or secure new queues.

It is not mandatory to perform the Secure Release Here upgrade at the Collectors immediately after the main Collector upgrade. The Secure Release Here upgrade can be canceled and resumed at a later date by re-running the Blueprint Secure Queue Configuration Tool. However, the Collector will not be working for the purposes of Secure Release Here until this procedure is complete.

Detailed logs for the Secure Release Here upgrade can be found in the application data directory PharosSystems\Blueprint\Logs, in the ServerConfig.log file.