How do I remove a printer to free up a printer license but still keep the transactions from my old printer?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 2, 2013

I want to remove a printer from Pharos Uniprint because the printer is no longer needed and I need to install a new printer. I still want to keep the transactions from the old printer and so don't want to use the archive option which will remove all my transactions.


Is there any way I can keep the printer and transactions?

This is a feature available in Uniprint 8.0. However, older versions (pre-8.0) do not allow you to mark a printer as unused so that you can free up a printer license. A work around (see below) is available so that you can free up a license and continue to review the transactions.

Work-around process for older Pharos versions:

1. Open Pharos Administrator.
2. Select the System > Servers context.
3. Insert a new Server called 'obsolete' with no domain and as the IP address.
4. Select the Printing > Print Services context and click the green insert button.
5. Add a new Print Server called "obsolete" with expired jobs set to default 600 and SNMP Status Refresh of default 60.
6. Set the Bank in the wizard to "Default Bank".
6. Close the wizard.
7. Close Pharos Administrator.
8. On the SQL Database Server run the following command in a command Window replacing the <insert printer name here> and SQL password values with the real SQL password and printer name in Pharos that you wish to remove:


osql -S localhost -U pharos -P <pharos SQL password> -q "update printers set server_id = (select server_id from servers where hostname = 'obsolete') where printer_id = (select device_id from devices where device = '<insert printer name here>')"


9. Once you have completed this command, the command should indicate that one row has been updated.
10. Restart all Pharos Services.
11. Log on to the Pharos Administrator again.
12. Select the Printing > Print Services context. You should see a new Print server called obsolete.
14. When you select the Printers section of the obsolete server the old printer should be attached to this server and marked offline.
15. You should now be able to report on the old printer and insert a new printer on the working server.


*NOTE: the obsolete server will be available using any Pharos Administrator; however it should not be used for anything other than reporting purposes.


It is not recommended you complete this workaround unless you have a good understanding of SQL and the Pharos Software Suite. Confirmation screenshots are attached to this answer to verify the steps you are performing are correct.