How do I migrate the Pharos database between two Pharos servers of the same version?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 2, 2013

[Important] This procedure cannot be combined with a database upgrade to change versions.  It is only intended to move an existing database to a new server using the same version of Uniprint.  If you need to move and upgrade a server at the same time, either use the database migration tools (for upgrading to 8.0 or later) or install the older version at the destination and then upgrade the system.

Note: The collation order on the target SQL server (machine currently with no Pharos Database) must match the collation order on the current SQLserver. To check the collation orders, run the following query against each database:

select collation from syscolumns where name = 'name' and id = 1

Here are the steps to migrate your database between the two Pharos servers of the same version, using SQL 2000 Enterprise Manager:

  1. On your original server, stop all Pharos Services.
  2. In SQL Enterprise Manager, go to Microsoft SQL Servers > SQL Server Group > [SQL Server] > Databases.
  3. Right Click on the Pharos database, select All Tasks > Detach Database. Click OK when prompted.
  4. On your new Pharos server, repeated steps 1 to 3.
  5. On your new Pharos server, in the SQL data folder ( typically C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Data\ ) move the files pharos_data.mdf and pharos_log.ldf out of the directory.
  6. Copy the file pharos_data.mdf from the SQL data folder of the original server to the SQL data folder of the new server.
  7. On the new server within SQL Enterprise Manager go to Microsoft SQL Servers > SQL Server Group > [SQL Server] > Databases.
  8. Right click on Database and select All Tasks > Attach Database.
  9. Click the '...' button and browse for the file pharos_data.mdf in the SQL data folder. Select it and click OK.
  10. Ensure that the field "Attach as" is pharos and the field "Specify database owner" is pharos. Click OK, click Yes, then click OK and the database should be attached.
  11. On your new server start your Pharos services ( or restart the machine ) and it should be up and running. Open Pharos Administrator to confirm everything is as you expect.