How Do I Install a Pharos Blueprint License Key?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 2, 2013

The Blueprint Enterprise license key is an XML file called <CUSTCODE><DATETIME>.xml


The file may be supplied as a zipped ('.zip') file. This file must be unzipped before the license key can be applied.


<CUSTCODE> is your Customer Code: an eight-character alphanumeric code assigned by Pharos Systems, which uniquely identifies your site. Your Customer Code must be quoted in all correspondence. You can view your Customer Code (and other license details) on the License screen in the Dashboard section of Blueprint Administrator.


The license file contains encrypted data specifying the license parameters. These parameters control the maximum number of components such as servers, printers and users, as well as the software expiry dates. The data is stored in Blueprint Administrator.


Save the file to the local drive of the computer on which the Blueprint Analyst or Collector is installed. Open Blueprint Administrator and navigate to the Dashboard > License screen. Then click the Update License button, browse to the location of your new license file, and click Open to apply the new license.


When installing or upgrading Blueprint servers (Analyst or Collector), the license key is installed automatically by the install/upgrade wizard. You will be asked for the location of the XML file. Enter this (or browse to find it) and the license key will be installed.


For more information, see the Blueprint Help document "Viewing License Information". You can find this document under System Management in the Blueprint Help file.