How do I insert a Custom Installation Module in Pharos 7.x/8.x?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 2, 2013

Custom Modules

Pharos install packages can run custom user-created modules to add custom functionality to install packages, such as installing additional applications along with the Pharos software, or modifying printer settings. A custom module can be an executable, a batch file or a self-extracting zip file, for example.

To add a new Custom module, click the Insert button on the Custom Modules context toolbar. This opens the Custom Module Insert Wizard, which collects the necessary information and creates a new definition entry with it.

Use the Custom Module Insert Wizard to create a new Custom module

     1. Enter a name for the module and click Next.
     2. Click Finish.

The new module is inserted into the Pharos Database. The Custom Module entry appears in the List Window of Pharos Administrator. All properties appear below in the Properties Window, where all further modifications to the module are made.

Install Order

When an install package is run, it runs each module in a set order. Pharos-supplied modules and Spool Queue modules are run first, then any custom modules. This property specifies the module's place in the order relative to all other custom modules.

The change the module's install order, enter a new value into this field. Values must be between 1000 and 20000 - the lower the number, the earlier the module is placed in the install order.

To check what numerical value is assigned other modules, open SQL Query Analyzer and run the following query:

     select * from modules

For additional information on how to use Custom Modules see Pharos Help. Search using the term: "Using Custom Modules "