How do I apply a registry key (to set up custom Popup registry values for example) to the Popup Client Package when it installs?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 2, 2013

1. Create an Install Package and run it on one PC.

2. Modify the printer registry with the values you want. Or make the changes to the printer in the Wndows Printers folder, which should modify the printer registry.

3. Export that specific printers registry key.

4. Using the exported registry key create a batch file that silently executes that registry key (use regedit /s). Name this batch file "PopupReg.bat." (see attachment)

5. Use WinRAR to create a zip file with these two files. Once the zip file is created, open it with WinRAR. Make the zip file self-extracting by clicking the SFX button, configuring the following settings:

     a. In the "Advanced SFX" options on the general tab set “Path To Extract” as C:\Progra~1\Pharos\temp\.
     b. On the "General" tab set “Run after extraction” as PopupReg.bat.
     c. On the "Modes" tab check the “Hide all radio button” and the “Overwrite all files” radio button.

6. Store the resulting exe file on the principal server in the directory C:\Program Files\Pharos\Bin\Shared\. Delete the original files.

7. In Pharos Administrator create a Custom Module:

     a. For the Filename setting, browse for the exe file you just created and select that.
     b. For the Module Behavior property check these settings:

“Continue install if module fails”
“Module does not write results.txt file”

8. Add the Custom Module to your Popup Packages.