The EDI verification is failing.


Error related to: Edi verification tool fails unable to initialise session. Returns Access Violation error.






Windows 2003 SP1 running IIS 6.0
SQL 2000 SP4
Pharos 6.1+ (OTG)


What may be seen seen:


The PS20 terminals and the monitor translator work if the IIS_USER is in the local admin group. No other user groups work (ie. power users, etc). The Edi verification tool still fails although the translator is working correctly when the IIS_User is in the local admin group.


Placing the IIS_USER into the Admin Group may work (does create a significant security issue, generally not accepted by the customer).


Alternate Solution:


- Run Component Services Administrative Tool
- Expand and go to: Console Root/Component Services/Computers/My Computer/DCOM Config/EdiServer
- Select and then Right Click on EdiServer, choose "Properties"
- Go to "Security" Tab
- Select in "Launch and Activation Permissions"
- "Customize" and press "Edit"
- Add local userid iuser(computername) and give that account Activation rights (Local should be sufficient).


Now the IIS_USER can be removed from the Admin Group.