Does my Pharos network terminal or iMFP support the new features of Uniprint 8.2?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 2, 2013

Some features of Uniprint 8.2 require new versions of terminal or iMFP to utilize the enhanced capabilities. The table below lists the current support for each terminal or iMFP family.

For a description of the Uniprint 8.2 features referenced here, please read the New Features document contained in the Documentation folder of the Uniprint 8.2 download image.


Terminal or iMFP family Card Registration Enhanced Grant Support [1]
iMFP for Canon No No
iMFP for HP No No
iMFP for Konica Minolta No No
iMFP for Lexmark No No
iMFP for Ricoh No No
iMFP for Samsung No No
iMFP for Sharp No No
iMFP for Xerox No No
PS60 N/A - no user interface N/A - no user interface
PS150 Yes - as of version 2.2.2 No
PS200 Yes Yes
Virtual Cash/BOSCOP No No



Last Updated: 9th February 2011

[1] Uniprint 8.2 supports Grants on older versions of terminals or iMFPs, but the user experience is different. Refer to the Uniprint 8.2 New Features document for more information.