By default the logging is set to level 5 & it only logs errors only when Blueprint Server is installed. How do I increase the logging level of it?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 2, 2013

Logging is configured using the Blueprint Server Configuration Tool.

1. Start up Blueprint Server Configuration located by navigating to the Start Menu -> Programs -> Pharos Blueprint Enterprise -> Blueprint Server Configuration. In Blueprint 5.0 there is a Tools folder in the Pharos Blueprint Enterprise folder.

2. Select the Logging Tab where you can set the Blueprint Service components logging level individually.

3. Please set the following components with Debuglevel of 10 and make sure you un-tick Log only errors to file:
     a. TaskMaster Service
     b. Administrator
     c. Tracker Web Service
     d. EDI Web Service
Note: For Blueprint 4.2 and above you will need to enable logging for the Job Service and Event Log Service as well.

4. Once enabled just click the Apply button on the Blueprint Server Configuration for the changes to take effect.


5. Take note of the file path on the Logging TAB as this is where the log files will be written to.

6. Once the logs are enabled then please reproduce the problem situation while logging is enabled and this should allow the particular problem to be captured in the log files that you can now send to Pharos Support for review.