Automatic Popup and Printer Queue Configuration for Mac OS X; 10.2 - 10.5

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 2, 2013

As the Pharos Popup Client is installed, each Mac OS X client machine that is to have the Popup Client must be visited individually. A printer queue must also be set up on each client machine for Popup to use. In a large organization, this can become time-consuming. It is possible, however, to automate the installation of the Popup Client by modifying the Popup Client installer.


See the attached Pharos TechNote, TechNotePUPIMac.pdf.


This 8.1 package can be used in all versions of Uniprint, including version numbers higher than 8.1.


Attached, also, is a sample package that installs two Pharos-controlled print queues configured against a non-existent server.

Do not install the provided package "as is." Rather, use it as a guide in developing your own package(s).

NOTE: The instructions for modifying the 8.3 client installer can be found here: Can I modify the Pharos for Mac Popup client to also install printer queues on the client workstations?