After installing the Pharos Canon iMFP integration you recieve one of the following errors on the Canon iMFP. "IPbiller unknown return" "IP Biller: Invalid card type"

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 2, 2013

This error occurs on the iMFP and is a result of only a portion of the card swipe being sent through to the online system (e.g. Blackboard, CBORD, Diebold etc..)


If the iMFP units were previously working then it may be a bad card reader and you should look at replacing it or swapping it with another working unit.


If this error occurs on setup then the likely cause is that the card data contains a special character such as a "=" or ' sign in it. To resolve this and pass all the card data. To do this


1. Open the Pharos Administrator
2. Select the Pharos Stations --- Terminals --- Terminal Name
3. Select the advanced tab and change the "Ignore Sentinels When Parsing Tracks" = No
4. Change control and retest


If you continue to recieve this error then you may also need to add an additional card type in the online Gateway configuration.