What are the available Command Line Options for Package Creation and Installation in Pharos v7.x?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 1, 2013

The following Command Line Options are available when creating and running packages

  • Command line options available for the PackageCreator.exe executable:

/d = Debug mode

This enables a Debug Step button on the progress bar dialog, which allows you to step slowly through each part of the package creation process, so you can see where problems arise.

/q = Quiet mode

Specifying this option means that the progress bar dialog is not displayed. This option overrides debug mode.

  • Command line options available for the PackageInstaller.exe executable:

–norepair option

This means that the package will not re-install any existing modules.

–quiet option

Causes the package to run silently, i.e. no dialogs are displayed to the user.

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