Unsupported Card Type - Data Truncated

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 1, 2013

Pharos is configured to use a Card ID and the data is getting truncated. The IPBILExt log shows that all the data is received up to a special character in the middle of the string (in this case, the character is an equals sign ' = ' ) then the rest of the data is dropped. The card reader is configured correctly for the device (HID for iMFPs, and keyboard emulation for PC Pharos Station and Omegas). The reader is transmitting the data properly (as tested by using MagTek's utility), but the data is still dropped.


Actual Track 2 Card Data


Received by IP Biller Log


Configuring the network terminal settings to Strip Sentinels (Yes or No) and All Tracks vs Track 2 have no effect.


How can I resolve this ?

In the Network Terminal settings, choose the device in question. Make sure that all the settings are as expected for the card type and which track, etc. Select the USB tab, then click on the Advanced Features button at the top of the screen to reveal additional settings. Set the following


Ignore Sentinels While Parsing Tracks = ' No ' (Attached Screenshot)