The USB Card Swipe does not work.

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 1, 2013

Currently only the HP 4730 MFD will work with a USB Card Swipe

Approved USB Card reader for this device: Magtek HID Card Swipe

1. If you are experiencing problems with the USB Swipe Card reader check the following:

a. Is the card reader Magtek (this is the only approved reader currently)
b. Is the card reader HID. If it is a Magtek keyboard emulator you may be able to update the card reader by going to the Magtek website and downloading the Mini Wedge Configuration Program:

2. If you are still experiencing a problem you can obtain a log from the MFD which should show what is happening.

Steps to collect log:

a. plug in the usb card reader
b. power the MFD off, then back on (this starts a fresh log and makes sure the card reader info is captured)
c. On a PC open IE and use this URL:

http://<ip address of MFD>/hp/device/hp.ChaiWatchPort

Note: This is case sensative
Note: This requires that Java is installed in IE

When the page opens you will see a blank window with a "Go" button, and it will say 'disconnected" in the window.

Click "Go" and let the file process until it stops adding information.

Select, save the text log and send to Pharos.