Popup Client Package fails when installed on workstation

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 1, 2013

When installing a 7.x/8.x client package, an error occurs. The workstation displays the following error:

"The install failed. Select Finish to exit."

Additionally, the install log file contains the error:

"AddPrinterDriver Failed - Error code 1722" (or similar)

Certain drivers do not install properly when part of an install package.

In Uniprint 7.x and 8.x, drivers that are known to be problematic can be listed in a file called BadDrivers.txt, which must reside in a  location specified by the search Root Path of the system, such as c:\program files\Pharos\bin on the Pharos Principal (Database) Server

Drivers are listed one per line, for example:

HP Laserjet 4200

When packages are created, the package creator checks each Spool Queue that is specified for a package to see if its driver appears in the BadDrivers.txt file.

If found, the driver will not be included in the package when it is created (compiled).

To install the package , the driver must already be installed locally on the workstation before the package is run. The package will install a printer for the Spool Queue, and will leverage the locally installed driver.


Make the following changes to the Spool Queue and Printer Queue objects in the Windows Printer folder on the Pharos Print Server.

Set the:

PrintProcessor to "Winprint"
Default Data Type to "RAW"

Rebuild the package. The package should install correctly.