How to set up (in Pharos Administrator) a printer that is locally connected to a Pharos Station.

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 1, 2013

1) Install the printer locally on the Pharos Station and share this printer.


2) Install the Pharos LPD Server on the Pharos Station. This needs to be installed off the Pharos installation CD:
a) Follow the installation steps up to the point where you are prompted for which product to install.
b) Select Uniprint > Print Server > Pharos LPD Server (uncheck all other options) and finish the installation.


3) In Pharos Administrator, install the printer using the Device Insert Wizard in the Printers context (the green '+' button).
a) Install the printer using the same driver as used on the Pharos Station.
b) On the next screen of the wizard install a new port (Add Port...). The port needs to be an LPR port, the name of the server providing LPD needs to match the machine name or IP address of the Pharos Station and the print queue needs to match the share name of the newly installed printer on the Pharos Station. Finish the printer installation as you normally would.


4) To secure the printer so users cannot print directly to the printer share, modify the permissions on the printer at the Pharos Station PC so that Everyone does not have any permissions on the new printer. Then give full permissions to System on that printer.


Alternatively, within the properties of the Pharos LPD Server in the Windows Services manager, enable the service to log on using a domain admin and give that domain admin full permissions on the printer.