The tool will not work when migrating from SQL 2000 due to a current bug that is being investigated.

Pharos supplies two small command line tools to help in the process of migrating the Pharos Database in a Uniprint Suite install to a new server:

  • DatabaseMigrationTool.exe - this tool copies the Pharos Database from its current server to the new one and upgrades it to version 8.1 of the Uniprint Suite if necessary.

  • NameSyncTool.exe - this tool configures the Pharos Database and registry with the hostname details of the new server, and optionally propagates these changes to the other dependent servers.

To migrate the Pharos Database to a new server, ensure that you have met all the requirements outlined in the Pre-install section of this document, and then run the database migration tool on the new server. When the database migration tool completes, it automatically runs the name synchronization tool to update the Pharos Database with the new server's name. The name synchronization tool can also be run by itself if the server's name is changed after the upgrade. For more information on how to use these tools, see "Migrating the Pharos Database" and "Updating the Database Server Name" sections below.

Migrating to a new Print Server

For systems where the Print Server is installed along with the Database and Principal Services, the suggested procedure for migrating:

  1. Migrate the existing Uniprint database to the new server by running the DatabaseMigrationTool.
  2. Migrate the Print Server’s printers and queues using the Microsoft Print Migrator tool (Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or older) or using the Printer Migration Wizard (Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2).
  3. Shutdown the old server.
  4. Rename the new server to use the old server's name.
  5. Update the Pharos Database and Registry following the name change by running the NameSyncTool.

Renaming the new machine back to the name of the original Database & Print Server will mean that no other servers or clients will need to be altered to maintain connectivity with the server.


Before running the server migration tools, take note of the following requirements:
  • Install the Pharos Database and Principal Server on the new server. You must install Uniprint Suite 8.1 on the new server.
  • The old server must be running one of the following Uniprint versions: 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.1, or 8.0.
  • Both servers must be running SQL Server 2000 or later. If the new server is running SQL Server 2000, you need to perform additional steps. The migration tools rely on libraries from the SQL 2005 native client. These libraries are not installed with SQL Server 2000. You can download the necessary installers from Microsoft: SQL 2005 Native Client downloads. The two specific packages required are the base native client package (sqlncli), and the XMO package.
  • When running the tools, you need to be logged on as a user with administrator rights on both servers (typically a domain administrator).
  • The tools, along with all the deployment files, must be copied to the new server and run from there.

Migrating the Pharos Database

To migrate and upgrade your database using the Database Migration tool, follow these steps:

  1. Stop all active Pharos Services on both hosts.
  2. Extract the deployment files provided in the zip file and copy these files to the new server.
  3. Run the Database Migration tool from the command line on the new server:

DatabaseMigrationTool.exe -OS oldservername [-OU oldsqluserid] [-OP oldsqlpassword] [-NU newsqluserid] [-NP newsqlpassword] [-R] [-?]


  • oldservername is the host name of the old server
  • oldsqluserid is the SQL Server username of the Pharos Database dbo on the old server
  • oldsqlpassword is the SQL Server password for the Pharos Database dbo on the old server
  • newsqluserid is the SQL Server username of the Pharos Database dbo on the new server
  • newsqlpassword is the SQL Server password for the Pharos dbo on the new server

Note: If no SQL Server authentication details are supplied, Windows authentication is used.

The following options can be specified:

  • -R - attempts to propagate the changes to all Pharos servers.
  • -? - displays Help

The Database Migration tool will attempt to detach the database from your old host, copy it to the new host (replacing the freshly installed database), perform the upgrade on the database, and update the server details in the database. It can also update registry keys on remote servers so they point to the correct Principal server afterward. This last step will assume remote registry access for the logged in user, so servers with separate account databases may not be changed and will need to be adjusted manually.

A log file for the migration operation is created in the Pharos\Temp directory.

Updating the Database Server Name

The Database Migration tool will run the Name Sync tool as part of its operation, but the Name Sync Tool can also be used as a standalone tool. The tool requires remote registry access for the logged in user, so servers with separate account databases may not be changed and will need to be adjusted manually.

To update the Database Server name using the Name Sync tool, run the Name Sync tool from the command line on the new server:

NameSyncTool.exe [-U userid -P password | -W] [-R] [-?]

The following options can be specified:

  • -U userid -P password - use SQL Server authentication (where userid and password are the logon details for the sa account)
  • -W - use Windows authentication
  • -R - update other Pharos servers remotely (to use this new name for the database server)
  • -? - display Help
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To download the version of the Server Migration Tools for your version of Uniprint, visit http://pharos.custhelp.com/app/uniprint. Uniprint 8.3 and 8.4 use the tool provided for Uniprint 8.2; there is a script update for Uniprint 8.4 that must be run for that version.