How are Windows client install packages created?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 1, 2013

1) During the package creation, what paths do the files take?

The driver files are obtained from the Pharos Print Server. That is, the package creator (which runs on the administrator) works as follows:

  • The installer reads the database for the package definitions for each printer in the package.
  • The Installer checks the Pharos Print Server, and get all driver information.
  • Fetch the driver files from the print server, using standard windows API calls.
  • A module is built for each printer. The module files are built in the location given by “Package Build Location” (which should be a windows UNC path)
  • Modules are combined into packages. (Again, in the same location.)

2) If the Pharos Administrator does not have full permissions to the print server (i.e. not on the same domain) does this effect the package creation process?

  • Correct, the person running the Pharos administrator needs permissions on the print server to retrieve the printer driver files.

3) Can packages be created if Pharos Administrator is installed on a remote machine separate from all other Pharos Components?

  • Yes, the package creator could be run on a remote PC (but as pointed out in 2 above, the person running it needs permissions for the print servers.)

4) What method is used during Package creation to copy the files

  • The package creator uses standard windows file copy commands to move files.

5) Is there a need to run the Pharos Web Services?

  • No, the Pharos Web Services are optional. The customer can create their own web site for the packages if they wish. The Pharos Uniprint Web Service is really just us providing a default web page.