Failed to start Reaper thread

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 1, 2013

The following error is seen in the Event Log:

Source: PSDatabaseSvr
Category: (None)
Type: Error
Event ID: 4000
User: (None)
Computer: (the name of the Pharos Server)
Description: Caught a general error with message '[CReaper::OnStart] Failed to start Reaper thread.'



Pharos has two “Reapers.”

One in the Print Server and the other in the Database Server.

These are "background tasks" that run inside the servers themselves.

The primary function of the Reaper in the Print Server is deleting old jobs from the spool queues. (It also does a number of other “clean-up” tasks.)

The Reaper in the Database Server does similar work in the database, automatically purging transactions older than a specified time (if enabled), purging expired reservation records, and express patrons, etc..

Related Errors:

Check in Pharos Administrator under Alerts:


Message: "Failed to create Reaper thread"

Discussion: The Reaper thread performs tasks like deleting expired jobs, polling SNMP printers and doing offline billing. This may be either a database or Windows problem. Check that the Database Service is not overloaded e.g. on an underpowered machine. Similarly check that the machine the Print Service runs on is not overloaded.


Message: "Reaper thread error: '%1''

Discussion: The reaper is a utility thread that runs background tasks such as reaping (killing) expired jobs, polling SNMP printers and transacting offline billing. '%1' specifies the particular error that occurred.

The error message, combined with the alert 'Operation' field should indicate what caused the problem. For example, if the 'Operation' field records 'Opening queue', then the alert 'Item' field will be the queue name.

The error affecting the queue should be corrected.