The following alert appears in Pharos Administrator:

Error Code 29060 "Error while setting KEEPPRINTEDJOBS printer attribute: The printer name is invalid"

What do I need to do to resolve this problem?

A screen shot of the error is attached.


The reason you receive this error is because one or more of the Windows printer objects in Pharos has been removed from the Windows Printer folder (Printers and Faxes).


To resolve this issue you need to re-install the deleted printer. The steps are as follows:

1. The general tab of the alert will include the name of the device that was deleted. Note down the name and open the Control Panel > Printers screen.
3. Click the Add Printer button.
4. Install a printer with the same name as listed in the above alert, with the correct drivers and port.
5. Restart the Pharos Print Server service.

The alerts in the Pharos Administrator should stop and the printer should correctly appear in Pharos Administrator.