Can I install the product on VMware or Virtual Machine? Does the product support Virtual Machine and or VMware?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 1, 2013

VMware and various versions of GSX server have been tested and are utilized by Pharos to QA and Support the product. The product can be installed on VMware GSX versions and will be supported with best efforts by Pharos Systems. The use of VMware GSX and versions by Pharos QA and Technical Support does not simulate a true customer environment and therefore some consideration to the use of this platform in a production solution needs to be given. Clients wanting to use VMware GSX and other versions should consider the following:

  1. Issues specifically relating to the use of VMware and version will be assessed and a best attempt to resolve the issues will be made
  2. Issues may take longer to resolved because of the additional complexity of VMware

Note: This article applies to all Pharos Software products.