Blueprint 3.5 secure jobs are disappearing when released from an iMFP.

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 1, 2013

This happens when an Analyst/Collector loses connectivity to a device depending on where the queue is located. The reason is that the thread that is responsible for keeping this connection alive never times out, which leads our software to believe that there is a true connection to the device.

1)     Restart the Pharos Systems TaskMaster
2)     Run Debugview to monitor activity
3)     Print a Test Job through
4)     Release the printed job through the Print Troubleshooting menu under Secure Release Here on the server
5)     Note the name of the printed test job
6)     Turn off Auto Scroll in Debugview(Ctrl + A)
7)     Trace the printed job through in Debugview and you should see a call being made on the printed job i.e OnDevicePrintQueuePrintJobCompleted] Updating job 'Test Page'  note: 'Test Page' would be the name of the job.
8)     If the OnDevicePrintQueuePrintJobCompleted call is made on a print job, it means it has successfully printed the job through


Future Prevention:

Back up the existing GlobalConfig file to a secure location before making changes.
Edit the SendTimeout and ReceiveTimeout settings in the GlobalConfig file to 120000. Keep in mind that the unit for timeout is in milliseconds.

<LprConfig ConfigVersion="3.3">


Restart the Pharos Systems TaskMaster to apply the new settings.