Lindsay Lamb


Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on May 13, 2013

You have found the Pharos Community!

Use this community to get support, discover, discuss, joke, inspire, teach, learn, critique, and swap stories about whatever is meaningful to you related to Pharos products and mindful solutions.


Please Note: If you normally access our Support Center to submit tickets and view your incidents, your login for this community and the support center are separate.  (I recommend creating a community account with the same username and password as what you have for the support center, so it is easy to remember both!)

How to Start

To start, I suggest taking a few minutes to browse the community via its three main areas:

  • Content: See all of the discussions, videos, and documents that have been posted by Pharos customers, partners, and employees.
  • People: Search to see who is on the community. You may see some familiar faces, and have the opportunity to invite others.
  • Places: The community has member-only groups focused on specific products and topics, and spaces that are open to everyone (such as News@Pharos and Marketing Resources ).


Then, start joining groups and following others that post content you like. (Joining Existing Groups)


Popular Places


    1. MPS & General Discussion
    2. News@Pharos: Stay up to date with the latest Pharos news, events, and announcements.
      • To receive e-mail notifications when we post an announcement, click "Follow" in the upper right-hand corner and make sure "Inbox" is checked!  You can do this for any place within the community.
    3. Knowledge Base & Downloads: Read articles posted by our support team, and access the latest service packs and hot-fixes.
    4. Marketing Resources: View various marketing brochures, case studies, white papers, and recordings.


Available for customers, partners, and value added resellers (require membership approval):

    1. Uniprint
    2. Blueprint Enterprise
    3. iMFPs & Omegas
    4. MobilePrint


Useful Tips

Here are some useful tips for navigating the community:

  • You will need an account to interact within this community; so please make sure to register or login.
  • Browse places to see what groups are available by clicking Places at the top navigation of all community pages.  To respect the privacy of our customers and the lovely custom scripts they tend to share, membership is required to specific groups.
  • Check out the community training documents for step-by-step instructions to help you learn the ropes.
  • When in doubt on where to post or where to go, send a message to Lindsay  Lamb, the Community Manager.