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There is a known issue which currently affects  pages in our community site when viewing the card view in version 32 of Chrome.


A way to get around this is to open the community up in a different browser, change your default view to list vs card, and you should be able to use Chrome again.  I actually prefer the list view because I feel like you can see more on a page.


Toggle View.JPG.jpg


I'll keep everyone updated with the status of this bug.


All of our announcements take place within our News@Pharos space.


To receive e-mails for the latest product announcements, hot fixes, and Pharos news:

  1. Go to the News@Pharos space.
  2. Click the follow button located on the upper right-hand side of the page.
  3. Make sure "Inbox" is checked.
  4. Click "Done".



Product-Specific Groups/Forums

Stay up to date with all the latest discussions and documents related to your Pharos products of choice.


To receive e-mails when new activity occurs with product-specific discussions and documents:

  1. Go to the group you are interested in staying up to date with:
  2. Click the follow button located on the upper right-hand side of the page.
  3. Make sure "Inbox" is checked.
  4. Click "Done".

A Specific Discussion or Document

Sometimes you may be interested in an individual discussion or a document (such as Uniprint Service Packs and Hot Fixes)


To receive e-mails when an individual discussion or document is updated (or if someone adds a comment/reply):

  1. Go to the specific document or discussion you are interested in.
  2. Click the follow button located to the right of the discussion or document.
  3. Make sure "Inbox" is checked.
  4. Click "Done".

To keep the community a welcoming, fun and productive environment, we ask that all members follow the guidelines below:


Setting the Tone


  • Type in lowercase or standard case, not in all caps.

In online etiquette, all caps equates to shouting. If you type with all caps, you will annoy and possibly offend other community members.


  • Say online exactly what you would say in person.

Consider this community as an extension of the workplace— what’s appropriate in the real world should be consistent with the virtual world. In other words, if you wouldn’t say it to the person’s face in front of your Grandmother, you shouldn’t type it into this community.


  • Stay positive.

If you come across inaccurate information or negative comments posted by others, respond professionally.


  • Use descriptive wording to ensure your meaning is clear.

Remember that words can convey sentiment, but when others can’t see your facial expressions, your words can be misconstrued. By the same token, don’t jump to conclusions about another person’s intent in posting an unclear comment. When in doubt, ask for clarification.


  • Consider using emoticons and other symbols.

In the absence of valuable voice tone, body language, facial expressions and other social cues, emoticons and symbols ( or "*smile*") can help make tone and intention clear to other community participants.


  • Think before responding.

Always take time to think about your response, what you’d like to clarify or convey, and re-read your response before submitting it. Think about how your response might be perceived by readers and especially those who are new to your conversation. Your response should be brief, yet confident and truthful. If you disagree with the commenter, it’s ok to debate as long as you remain respectful of others’ opinions and always tell the truth.


Norms / Etiquette


  • Identify your subject matter clearly in the subject line.

To ensure that your message reaches the right people at timely manner, subjects like ‘a question’ and ‘prospecting idea’ are not very helpful.


  • Recognize help/answers you receive.

If someone has provided you with information that is helpful mark the response as “Helpful”. If they have answered your question mark it as ‘Answered’. Not only does it recognize the time a respondent put into answering your question, but it also alerts others that your question was fully answered.


  • Before asking a question, search.

Use the search function of the community to see if someone has already asked that question and it’s been answered or a discussion on your topic is already ongoing. When you begin to type into the search box, related content will begin to dynamically populate in a drop down list to help you quickly find what you need.


The search function helps to avoid duplication and take advantage of previous contributions within the community. Chances are that someone may have already posted on your same topic. And if you have a new question and comment, create a new post rather than interrupting a conversation. If you cannot find an appropriate area for your comment or question, please contact the Community Moderator.


  • Keep questions short and to the point.

This makes it easier for people to reply quickly with an answer. You will have the opportunity to explain in more detail within the description portion of your post, such as your prior research and experiences.  This will help other community members further understand your needs and offer constructive comments.


  • Ask only one question per topic.

This makes it easier to understand and follow the replies. If you find a solution to a problem raised in another topic, then post it as a reply by @mentioning it so that others can benefit. See @mentioning people, places, and content.


  • If you didn't get an answer then take another look at your question.

Review your unanswered questions and see if you could improve it. Also, make sure you posted it in the group it belongs within so it is reaching the best SMEs.


  • Answer other people's questions.

This makes sure users will continue to utilize the community so you can expect answers to your own questions in the future. It increases your community reputation and makes you feel good.

When you participate in a discussion always add something useful and interesting to it. Avoid adding unnecessary comments such as "Me too"," Thanks" and so on.


  • Be a Lifelong Learner.

This space is fast-moving and ever-evolving. Read more than you write. Ask questions. Link to others and always build relationships.


  • Respond to @mentions.

When you receive a notification that another member has mentioned you in a discussion, sent you a message, or shared something with you; make sure to respond.  When you receive a notification of this kind, it is letting you know that someone in the community is seeking your specific attention and looking to interact. Interacting with activity that shows up in your inbox




  • Ignore Trolls (and don’t be one).

You can’t win a flame war, and you can’t sway a Troll’s opinion because their negative comments are most likely just trying to provoke a response. Ignore their posts-no matter how inflammatory-and eventually they’ll move on.


  • Respect every member.

The Pharos community is an environment of mutual respect, and we will take appropriate action against people who post messages that harass/abuse/threaten other people, have obscene or otherwise objectionable content, or have spam/commercial/advertising content.


Members should also show proper consideration for others’ privacy and for topics that may be considered objectionable or very sensitive— such as politics and religion.


If you discover inappropriate or offensive content, have a question, or are not sure if the posting in question violates our guidelines, terms of use, terms of service, or policies, please contact the Community Moderator.


  • Appreciate that your opinion is one of many.

You can constructively disagree with another person without being disrespectful, rude, or defensive.


  • Stay on topic.

Moderators may remove posts that are completely unrelated.


  • Apply good judgment.

If your intentions are to provide a recommended solution, the dynamics in every business are different, so remember that your situation or implementation may vary.


Good judgment also applies to your avatar (profile image). Choose an image that is respectful to the community, yet representative of you, your company, or your interests. Please do not use animated gifs, for it can slow down the connection for community members with slower bandwidth connections. Uploading a Photo and Choosing an Avatar




  • Don’t use the forum to ask account-specific questions.

For issues related to account-specific issues, please use the Pharos Support section of the community.


  • Abide by copyright, fair use and financial disclosure laws.

Don’t post anything that would violate any law, or any contractual agreement that you have made.


  • Keep privacy to yourself.

Don’t post any private information unless you want it to be available publicly, and never assume that you’re completely anonymous and can’t be identified by your posts.


All statements made and acts that occur through the use of your user name and password are your responsibility. If at any time you feel your user identification or password(s) is compromised, or if you become aware of any unauthorized use of your account or other breach of security, you are responsible for promptly notifying us.


This forum uses your email address only to send you system emails, like notifications of any new posts in topics that you have subscribed to. The email address may be retrieved from the database to contact you in cases where there has been an extreme violation of the User Guidelines.

Lindsay Lamb


Posted by Lindsay Lamb May 13, 2013

You have found the Pharos Community!

Use this community to get support, discover, discuss, joke, inspire, teach, learn, critique, and swap stories about whatever is meaningful to you related to Pharos products and mindful solutions.


Please Note: If you normally access our Support Center to submit tickets and view your incidents, your login for this community and the support center are separate.  (I recommend creating a community account with the same username and password as what you have for the support center, so it is easy to remember both!)

How to Start

To start, I suggest taking a few minutes to browse the community via its three main areas:

  • Content: See all of the discussions, videos, and documents that have been posted by Pharos customers, partners, and employees.
  • People: Search to see who is on the community. You may see some familiar faces, and have the opportunity to invite others.
  • Places: The community has member-only groups focused on specific products and topics, and spaces that are open to everyone (such as News@Pharos and Marketing Resources ).


Then, start joining groups and following others that post content you like. (Joining Existing Groups)


Popular Places


    1. MPS & General Discussion
    2. News@Pharos: Stay up to date with the latest Pharos news, events, and announcements.
      • To receive e-mail notifications when we post an announcement, click "Follow" in the upper right-hand corner and make sure "Inbox" is checked!  You can do this for any place within the community.
    3. Knowledge Base & Downloads: Read articles posted by our support team, and access the latest service packs and hot-fixes.
    4. Marketing Resources: View various marketing brochures, case studies, white papers, and recordings.


Available for customers, partners, and value added resellers (require membership approval):

    1. Uniprint
    2. Blueprint Enterprise
    3. iMFPs & Omegas
    4. MobilePrint


Useful Tips

Here are some useful tips for navigating the community:

  • You will need an account to interact within this community; so please make sure to register or login.
  • Browse places to see what groups are available by clicking Places at the top navigation of all community pages.  To respect the privacy of our customers and the lovely custom scripts they tend to share, membership is required to specific groups.
  • Check out the community training documents for step-by-step instructions to help you learn the ropes.
  • When in doubt on where to post or where to go, send a message to Lindsay  Lamb, the Community Manager.